Getting Started

Follow these steps to get yourself up and running in no time.

Creating an Account

  1. URL:
  2. To sign up, follow Sign In -> Sign Up links
  3. On successful signup, an email with account activation details is sent
    1. This email will log you in to the HMH Developer Portal.

Creating an Application

  1. Once in the portal, you must create an application.
    note an application is directly coupled to your service plan that HMH exposes, and in that sense represents a contract.
    1. Plan - HMH application plan as mentioned in the above note.
    2. Redirect URIs - At least one redirect URI must be set. This URI is where a final response, from a successful Open ID Connect Authentication, is sent to.
  2. Application
  3. Select regenerate to list Client ID (User Key) and Client Secret (API Key). These values are used during Open ID Connect Authentication.

With the application successfully created, developers are now ready to begin authenticating their users and start using HMH APIs.